Friday, December 26, 2008

Twas a most delightful Christmas!

What a wonderful Christmas week it was!!
Trimming the tree was a glorious experience. From the moment we bought our house I knew where our tree was going. It was so much fun to see it actually go up.
Curly's room even got a little holiday cheer
Seeing the lights with Abbie and Alex
Apparently the husband had a bouncy horse when he was just a little thing and he played on it for hours. The husband's parents decided Curly needed one as well, Curly vehemently agreed!! You know a kid likes a present when she hugs it.
Christmas Eve PJs make the gift opening experience even better
Christmas day we decided to take a short drive up to the mountains and play in the snow.
Dad and Curly in their "fort"
I sure love these guys!!
And to top it all off, a little gingerbread house made by mom and Curly.
Counting down the days untill next year!


Jill said...

So cute Erica. I love her horse, Steve had one too.I remember hearing the springs bouncing constantly as he rode for hours. I don't think they have springs anymore do they? Too many pinched fingers. June looks like she really enjoyed Christmas which makes it more fun for parents!

Laney said...

Awww, such cute pictures. I love the mini nativity in June's room and her face while hugging the horse.

What did YOU get for Christmas? :)

Renetta said...

That rocking horse has the cutest rocking horse face I have ever seen! (We had one for Jonathan, but it was kind of scary.)
She looks like one happy cowgirl!!
"Let 'er Buck" um...that's what they say during Round-Up in Pendelton...which then ties in with your youth, Erica!!

Glad she got to play in some real snow on Christmas...and that Dad and her built themselves a little home away from home...they are such buddies!!

Christmas is the very best when you have little ones...or big ones...or even in between ones!! Glad your's was fun...
Happy New Year to all the Pasadena Munsons!
Love ya, Mom

Jessica said...

What great pics! And I love June's purple hat.

Sara said...

The pictures of June in the snow are most adorable. Cute!

dana said...

btw, that last comment was me. My sister in law was logged in to google reader when I commented.
Merry Christmas to the Munsons!

Natalie Petersen said...

Sounds like such a great Christmas! I can't wait to see you guys! lvoe yout tons.