Monday, April 13, 2009

A whole lot of Easter!

We had a Easter week full of fun...
Dying eggs with some cute girls
Then of course we had to hide and seek the eggs
And then finally eat the eggs!
Saturday morning we played with dad at a local "egg" hunt. The only hunting was for little plastic tokens, lame. Actually, it was a lot of fun and totally understandable that the organizers didn't want to hide 100,000 eggs.
Jack pot!!!
Cute little bunny!
We could not get this child away from the petting zoo, she loves anything that she can mother.

Fire woman
Easter morning with her basket
Score!!! Thanks Easter bunny
Matching dresses for the girls
For Easter dinner we invited 3 family-less couples over to eat a delicious spread. Funny, we all have one child and they are all girls. It was such a blast to have all those little girls running around. Curly was enamored by the babies. Luckily the feeling was mutual.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter


nicole said...

I love the bunny face.
It looks like June is going to be an excellent big sister and all over that little baby boy when he gets here.

Stephanie said...

I love her Easter morning hair!! She is such a cutie. Since I always see her in pictures with a huge smile on her face, that is just how I imagine she always is:) Smiley and happy!

dana said...

Fun local egg hunt! You'll have to give me more info on that for next year!
And is that the dress you made for June?? It's super cute!! I love it. And cute that you made a matching dress for her doll. Great idea.
Happy Easter!

Diane said...

Super cute dresses!

Jessica said...

June is so cute with the baby goat! That's what I'd have been doing if I were there. :)