Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I thought for sure this kid would be really into food. He is in the 90 percentile after all. But he doesn't want much to do with solids. He will actually purse his lips anytime he see a spoon heading towards his mouth. The only thing he does like is cheerios

which he eats in large quantities


Jessica said...

I would think the same thing about Annalise! She is in the 90th percentile and stares at our food like she's dying of starvation. But then I try and give it to her and she wants nothing to do with it. If I make her laugh so she opens her mouth and shove the food in because I'm pretending she actually wanted it, she gags and makes horrible faces. She also refuses to nurse most of the day- she drinks for about 20 seconds and then refuses more. I don't know how she's so big!

At least your little guy likes Cheerios!

dana said...

So adorable.
Cool high chair!
And he's wearing his little 90 min shirt :). Love it.

The Higginbothams said...

That high chair is cool. Where did you get it? His pj's are really cute too. I like the bear on the bum. I'm all about animals on bums. :)
Way to get the kids in the double stroller so early in the morning. That's got to be a lot of work!

Diane said...

This makes me wonder how Gavin will eat solids. He looks so cute in the chair!