Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow bunny

Dad took big sister skiing a few times this winter. I thought she was a little too young, but she loved it! Dad kept yelling, "pizza, pizza!!" as she flew down the hill, and she yelled, "french fries, french fries!!" Pizza = slower, french fries = faster.
Of course they had to have a little fun between runs


The sad thing is dad bought all the gear in "gender neutral" colors so we can pass it down to little brother. The whole day people called her a boy. Maybe next year we'll get her something pink.


Lorrie Munson said...

How fun! I can't believe how much I miss those little ones. They are growning too fast. So when I come back for a visit?

Beck n' Ben said...

AWESOME! And hilarious. And that snowman? Well, odd. :)

The Higginbothams said...

That's so cool that June liked skiing. Where did they go? There is definitely plenty of that here in Colorado. :) That's probably one of the big attractions for you guys if you ski.

Diane said...

So great! I'm sure she had so much fun! I have only been skiing twice so I'm sure she is already better than I am!

Jill said...

Great memories she'll have with her daddy, that's so sweet. And I LOVE your new family pic on the blog. So great!

nicolegf2189 said...

this is the best. little kids skiing is the coolest thing ever.