Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Her first theater experience

A friend of mine found a cute little local theatre that puts on interactive plays for young kids. We decided to take advantage and go on a "mommy/daughter date" to the performance of Cinderella. The cast was great and often gave the children a chance to be a part of the play. Sister was a little shy so she didn't take advantage of dancing with the prince and helping Cinderella get ready for the ball, but it was fun to watch all the other little girls do it.

Here she is with the Fairy-god-mother. She has mouse ears on because she had to help out with all the mouse duties during the performance
After the play the kids had the chance to meet all the characters and have them sign their programs. Cinderella's autograph was a must
One of the ugly step sisters. These guys stole the show
We hope to go to Treasure Island in the next few months


Ben and Becca said...

She looks rightfully creeped out in the pic with the Fairy Godmother. Yikes. Laughing that she appears much less apprehensive about the step"sister" ...

Guess that's Cali for you ;) j/k

~ Ben, of course, as we know Becca would never say such things.

aaron&yuka said...

Smokin' Mom in the top pic! You look great!