Saturday, August 30, 2008

First Hair Cut

We decided this past week that Curly's hair was getting a tad too big, so a hair cut she got.


First snip

Thank goodness for the movie, Finding Nemo. Curly was glued to the TV.
A little bang trim

After: cuter and lighter


Stephanie said...

When I saw the first picture June looked scared out of her mind. Then I read more to find out she was glued to the tube and was very relieved! She is such a doll!

jd said...

oh my Mary-Kate-and-Ashley-- I am at a loss. Those pictures-- soooooo cute! Love the Juners. Love her Erica-and-Nate-fusion face. LOVE. HER.

RichandNetta said...

No is it that she gets her hair cut and still has a head full of curls. Amazing child. Too cute. We miss "playing" with her.