Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ice cream truck

We sure love the glorious sound of an approaching ice cream truck; I think Dad and I get just as excited as Curly does. It came by again last night and she was beside herself with happiness.
The great thing about the ice-cream truck here in our neighborhood is that it's not the typical shady guy in a shady van you see around. It's a cute little pink truck with the nicest gal inside wearing a pink and brown stripped outfit that seems genuinely excited to see Curly. We love her!

The hardest part, making a decision.

Money exchanging hands

The prize


Nicole said...

Wow. I have never seen an ice cream truck like that! I plug my boys' ears when the ice cream song starts playing in our neighborhood. Our nasty, rusted ice cream van is scary and driven by a greasy man. I have "pretty ice cream lady" envy right now.

dana said...

So fun! and yes, that's the cutest truck I've ever seen.
I'm glad the whole family enjoys the experience.

Natalie Petersen said...

Why doesn't the ice cream lady come on our street? Lauren and I are waiting for her by the window all day long! Sure wish we could have some ice cream!

Erica said...

Natalie, I'll send her your way the next time I see her :)

Jessica said...

You guys are nice parents! Mine never let me have anything from the ice cream truck! :(

Stephanie said...

I guess Corvallis doesn't believe in ice cream trucks because we haven't seen one since we have been here. We do get to have the Schwann Man come by though and Daniel and Isaiah love it! I do too but I have a hard time with some of their selections. Especially the juice Daniel picks out, It's kills me...and could probably literally kill anyone with what is in it:)

RichandNetta said...

Gosh, what a happy memory to grow up with. We have one in Monmouth and I always wonder about why the guy is out in the middle of the pouring rain...almost every day, summer and winter.
Seems nice that June has lots of colors in her life from the Ark adventure, to her June Picture, to the Ice Cream lady.