Friday, December 26, 2008

Twas a most delightful Christmas!

What a wonderful Christmas week it was!!
Trimming the tree was a glorious experience. From the moment we bought our house I knew where our tree was going. It was so much fun to see it actually go up.
Curly's room even got a little holiday cheer
Seeing the lights with Abbie and Alex
Apparently the husband had a bouncy horse when he was just a little thing and he played on it for hours. The husband's parents decided Curly needed one as well, Curly vehemently agreed!! You know a kid likes a present when she hugs it.
Christmas Eve PJs make the gift opening experience even better
Christmas day we decided to take a short drive up to the mountains and play in the snow.
Dad and Curly in their "fort"
I sure love these guys!!
And to top it all off, a little gingerbread house made by mom and Curly.
Counting down the days untill next year!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Most definitely, the happiest place on earth!

I've always kind-of loathed Disneyland because of the long line and millions of people. It turns out all I needed was a little girl to turn my thinking around. We went a few weeks ago, during the height of Christmas decorations, lights and Christmas music blaring on the speakers, and it was so fantastic!!
In front of "It's a small world", the best ride of the day (according to mom)!
OK, I have to admit, I got kind-of dizzy just watching them on the tea cups. I'm glad dad is willing to do all the "crazy" rides with Curly.
Dumbo, Curly's favorite ride.
This face sums up the day perfectly. We all had a blast and we might even be purchasing a season pass for next year. I never thought that would happen :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving in Oregon

Thanksgiving in Oregon was such a blast. We got to see Grandpas and Grandmas, and good friends. Thanks to everyone who provided such wonderful hospitality!!!

Riding with Grandpa driving on the motorcycle....
She is SO fearless!! Stay tuned for an exciting video of all the fun. Thanks Dad and mom N for the great Thanksgiving meal!

After Turkey day we headed up to mom and dad R's where we went hiking at a favorite childhood destination, Silver Creek Falls.
Of course we couldn't go on the long hike with Curly, but we walked past one fall. Here we are under the fall, it's obviously a little wet. My cute little sis, came prepared with a snow cap, smart thinking. My California body was having a very hard time getting accustom to the cold Oregon weather.

Again, Curly and her new "smile", love it.

Sadly we didn't get any pics with our friends; just a good excuse to go back and visit. Or have them come to CA... hint, hint!!

New rain jacket, new "smile"

The fall weather is now upon us; so Curly had to try out her new rain jacket and pose with her new "smile". Funny girl!