Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just the right amount of leg

Valentine's Day 2011

I was never a huge fan of Valentine's day until I had little ones, now I can't get enough. I love making crafts, treats, decorations and anything else we can think of. And I love the color scheme, but who doesn't love purple, pink and red (together). I found this idea for Valentine's day cards last year and couldn't wait to put it to good use.

Sister had a great time posing for the picture and helping me make them, and she had a great time handing them out to her class.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Her first theater experience

A friend of mine found a cute little local theatre that puts on interactive plays for young kids. We decided to take advantage and go on a "mommy/daughter date" to the performance of Cinderella. The cast was great and often gave the children a chance to be a part of the play. Sister was a little shy so she didn't take advantage of dancing with the prince and helping Cinderella get ready for the ball, but it was fun to watch all the other little girls do it.

Here she is with the Fairy-god-mother. She has mouse ears on because she had to help out with all the mouse duties during the performance
After the play the kids had the chance to meet all the characters and have them sign their programs. Cinderella's autograph was a must
One of the ugly step sisters. These guys stole the show
We hope to go to Treasure Island in the next few months

Merry belated Christmas

Better late than never...
This year we stayed home again for Christmas and it was wonderful. Yes, it's fun to visit family for the holidays, but it's also nice to not worry about traveling and wake up to our own Christmas.
We started a new tradition this year with the sprinkling of "reindeer food"

We set out some cookies and milk and a few carrots for those reindeer

Christmas morning with light up hats that we bought from a guy on a street corner the night before

Sister putting her star on the tree that she made at school. It was perfect and it will go on our tree next year too.

As always, the kids got a lot of great presents, mainly because they have very generous Grandparents.

Merry Christmas my little tiger! Cant wait until next year