Thursday, September 13, 2012

1st day of preschool

This little guy has been SO excited for the arrival of his first day of school! He should be, he (and I) worked very very hard to make sure he was fully potty trained over the past few months. His motivation was that he couldn't go to preschool until he was a big boy and went potty in the toilet. Thank goodness that motivation worked. He's going to the same wonderful preschool that big sister went to. It's a great little school with bunnies and chickens running around, a pretty magical place.    
 It was hard to get these 2 looking in the same direction at the same time
 In front of his little cubbie, proud as can be

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Unexpected summer downpour

Taking a nap

A few months ago we were taking our daily evening walk when big Bro went racing down the sidewalk and around the corner. I hollered at him to come back and that he was too far away. He didn't answer me or come back. As I rounded the corner I found this...
Apparently it was all too much for him so he decided to take a nap with his scooter!


Sadly we haven't been to the beach much this year. We went last week and had a great time at Mother's Beach with some friends. A few days ago we tried again with dad and it was a disaster. It was so windy that not 1 beach umbrella was up (a rarity in CA), which of course made it impossible to do much of anything. At least I got a few good pictures to remember the unfortunate trip.  

1st day of K - take 2

After much consideration we decided to send sister through Kindergarten again. She was so young last year (4 when she started) that we felt she would benefit from another year.I think she already feels a lot more confident and excited.