Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Swagger Wagon part 2 (the last video didn't work)

I had absolutely NO intention to blog about the fact that we just got a car, But some of you have given us a hard time about buying a minivan. Some have snickered, a few made snide comments, and one of you even laughed out loud (you know who you are K.N.)
This video was just brought to my attention. I hope it will show the world the Munsons are as cool as ever. Word!!
For all of you who want a ride in the Swagger Wagon... get in line!

And it's root, root, root for the Dodgers!

Dad got great tickets for the Dodger's game so we decided to take Curly out on a date. She was more than excited.. dancing around in the aisles, yelling, "GO!!, GO!!", and doing the wave.

We were right behind home plate, about 20 rows back... nice!
But aparently someone still needed to get a better look. She noticed that many of the players had dirty pants and said they needed to take them home and have their mom wash them.
home run jubilation
ahhh, cute!
I like my family
And I like the Dodgers.
Oh and by the way, they killed the Cardinals by A LOT, sorry St Louis family :)