Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So organized

A few weeks back we took a little vacation down to San Diego to play at Lego Land. When we got to the hotel Big Sis decided she wanted to unpack a few of her things and get them ready for the morning.Apparently that means hanging up her shirts, socks and underwear.

Travel Town 2011

Travel town is pretty sleepy these days. You cant go on 90% of the trains and the ones you can go on are severely dilapidated. As big sister pointed out, "this place is boring". I guess that's what happens when something is funded by the city of Los Angeles. Maybe they have better places to invest their money. Oh, I love you L.A., even with all your flaws!! But I did hear a few days ago that the crime is down to the levels of the 1950's. Well done Mr Bratton.

Luckily the train ride is still up and running
Do you see the little guy's elbow in the air? Well, that's his own sign for train. Just about anytime we see one he does a little dance and throws up his elbow.
I'm telling you, this kids loves trains! I tried taking him away a dozen times and as soon as I set him down he calmly walked back to the window to watch the miniature trains going by.

I would say, "see you soon Travel Town", but I highly doubt it.

Kick me?

The other day I spotted little brother walking around with this "sign" on his back.

Friday, March 4, 2011


I was in the office for a total of maybe 7 1/2 minutes when I noticed the kids were being suspiciously quiet

Yes, that is little brother dipping his toothbrush into the "bath" water and then brushing his teeth... awesome!

Happy Friday monring to you all!

*Please excuse the lovely details of our bathroom, it/they is/are on our "to remodel" list for the year