Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I have been very lucky with this little girl, she LOVES to sleep. She was a great sleeper (pretty much) from the beginning. I remember putting her in her crib when she was little and she would giggle because she was happy to be lying there with a few animals and a blanket. She would never complain about being put to bed so bedtime was never torture. And just until very recently (a few months ago) she took a nap every single day. Unfortunately this little girl isn't so little anymore and she is getting ready to go to kindergarten in a few weeks so I've had to start the "no nap" transition. She loves the idea of being a big girl and not taking a nap but I also think her little body just gets tuckered out sometimes.

Today I put little brother down for his nap and got her going on an art project then started my "chores". After going about my business for a little while I realized she was really quiet. This is the sweet little face I discovered when going in to check on her.