Saturday, July 21, 2012

4th of July

We had a great 4th that started out at the Corner Bakery for breakfast with a group of friends, we then all headed to a local parade. The kids had a blast chasing after candy and waving at the random people who were in the parade, including a very old belly dancer. Gotta love a small town parade! 

The kids and I got into the 4th of July spirit with our coordinating outfits. I figured I need to take advantage while I can. (thanks for taking the picture Diane!)
In the afternoon we went to a friend's house for a wonderful BBQ where we stuffed ourselves silly. After the BBQ we raced down to the Rose Bowl where we finished off our day with some fancy motorcycle action and then a very loud firework display. A fun day indeed!


Big brother turned 3 yesterday! 3!!!

We had a short and sweet celebration the day before with his friends at the pool. I was lucky to get this quick picture of them all together. They just wanted to eat their cupcakes and jump in the water!

Enjoying his breakfast cereal. I don't let them eat sugary cereals on a daily basis so their birthdays are a time to let loose. I let him peruse the grocery aisles and grab whatever looked the most exciting. He choose Fruity Pebbles mainly because of the bright colors,I think he was happy with his choice.
 Everyone got a present to open which was nice for the other two
Motivation! Or as Dad likes to call it, peer pressure...
Singing and blowing out his candles at one of our favorite places, Cherry On Top
Sometimes I love this kid so much my heart physically hurts. I'm more than glad he's in our lives! Happy 3rd birthday my sweet little boy!


While goofing around a few weeks back big brother fell face forward off a box he was standing on into our wooden highchair. I was pretty sure his tooth went through the bottom lip but the Dr couldn't determine exactly what happened. She decided to give him stitches either way to make sure it healed properly. This kid was amazingly brave!! He laid on the hospital bed holding my hand and didn't flinch. I was so proud of how calm and perfect he was.  

My guess is this is the first of many trips to the Dr or hospital!

Buzz cut

I never thought I would give in to dad's requests to buzz cut our little boy's hair, but it was hot and it needed a trim....

I've finally gotten used to it, but I'm pretty sure we're never going to do it again!