Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy 5th!

My sweet little girl turned 5 this past Thursday! I did the typical "mom" thing and got sentimental at 12 noon (the exact time she was born), thinking how crazy it is that 5 years ago at that very moment I was welcoming her into this world. She has changed every aspect of our lives, from the constant thought of how we're going to pay for her college tuition, which I'm sure will be up to $250,000 when she's ready to go; to the slight obsession of checking her windows every night, making sure they are locked tight. It's amazing how something so small can occupy so much of our daily thoughts. She definitely has her moments when we're pretty sure she's a full blow teenager, but her sweetness always shines through and when she flashes a smile like the one in the picture, she melts every bit of my heart.

I love you sweet little girl, I pray we can always keep you safe and happy.

Thanks to Uncle Ben for this great moment (and smile) captured on film

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I love this quilt

This my most favorite quilt to date! I just wish I had made it on a larger scale, a baby sized quilt doesn't go so great on the back of one's couch.