Sunday, December 12, 2010

2nd annual Christmas run in Santa Monica

In 2009 I got a small group of girls together to run "LA's Largest Holiday Running Event"; sadly the night before the big day Nate come home and announced he thought he had swine flu! We had a 5 month old at the time and I couldn't leave him with dad knowing how contagious it was. Sadly I couldn't run with the girls in Santa Monica, but I took advantage of nap time and ran the 6 miles by myself while my little guy slept. So, I officially still ran it, right? Well at least that's what my shirt says.
Fast forward to year 2... this year was awesome!! There is nothing like an organised race to get your heart pumping. The energy is so much fun.
It helps to be running with friends, who also love to run. (that's the Santa Monica Pier in the back ground)
I'm pretty sure we're the coolest in our matching socks
After race shots. My quads are screaming right now!
My step-sister from up north was in the race too, she was way more festive in her elf costume
The best part of races, the goodies...

Thanks for such a fun morning ladies. See you next year