Thursday, October 16, 2008

Curly's first field trip

We have the wonderful opportunity to participate in a parent ed class funded by a local City college; the class meets every Thursday for 3 hours and is totally free (I still can't believe it). The other moms who are in the class are fantastic, especially my friend Jocelyn who introduced us to the program, and Curly loves all the kids.

Here are the pictures of our field trip to the fire station this morning.

Curly and Abbie in front of the antique fire truck. I must mention that Abbie is Curly's first real friend and Curly is constantly saying her name. Anytime I mention going somewhere for the day she always asks, Abbie, Abbie?, hoping that Abbie will somehow be involved in the day's activities.
Walking through the fire truck and being lifted out by the fireman
They tried to explain to the kids that you shouldn't be scared of the firemen; they are there to help you. They didn't need to do too much explaining to Curly, she was totally on board!! I think we might have a sucker for a man in uniform :)
Here she is practicing her Stop, Drop and Roll.
Because she was willing to volunteer for the Stop, Drop and Roll she got a special hat; you can tell she's very proud.
Curly and fireman Eric at the pole
Some of the kids in her class with fireman Johnny


jd said...

hah! I love how june is giving that other little girl the stinkeye because she has her arm around Fireman Johnny... so great! I'll bet the guys were happy to take a photo with june, so cute!

dana said...

Okay, she totally picked all the hottest guys to stand by. Way to go June!
And I love her little green cardigan sweater. Real cute.
Fun fieldtrip!

Beck n' Ben said...

Ben here... Good thing June liked the firemen, 'cause they guy in the atomic fallout looking mask would have FREAKED me out at that age. Kinda still does!

Jeff and Sarah said...

Looks like she was having a blast. She is too cute!

Jessica said...

So cute! And June looks so happy to be lifted by that fireman! I would be too!!

Nicole said...

I always love the preschooler field trips. I think I enjoy them even more than my kids do.

Michele said...

Those are some good lookin firemen! Hey, I'll email you how I made my birthday banner, I saw it on a friends blog and then just sort of made it up. I like how it turned out though.