Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween; a week of fun!

Wow, I never knew Halloween could be so much fun and so exhausting!!

Monday - costume parade with church group
Tuesday - story time and dress up at the library
Thursday - dress up and trick or treating at "school"
Friday - costume parade and trick or treating in the cute town of Sierra Madre
trunk or treating at church
trick or treating at the house

At school with friends
Sweet tattoo
Goofy glasses and a goofy face Quite the stash, too bad she'll only get about 2% of it. Sorry kid, dad will take care of the rest. Luckily she got to eat all the candy she could eat that night.


Nicole said...

June looks adorable, but why is she the only one dressed up in that first picture? What's with all those other kids?

Erica said...

Yes, June does look the cutest, JK :) but the there are a few others dresed up... Red Riding Hood, a balet dancer (June's friend Abbie) and a priencess.

dana said...

She's the cutest black cat I've ever seen. And I love that goofy face with the glasses. Really funny.

Kristi David said...

I love the one of June in the glasses! You guys have a little ham on your hands - so great!

Jessica said...

Absolutely too cute for words!!!

Laura said...

Hey, I didn't know you went to PCC at the Arcadia! Do you go to the multi-age class? I took both my kids there when Sam was four. Memories!