Saturday, November 22, 2008

Maui, Hawaii

I must say, I heart Hawaii...

Curly on the plane; what a trooper for the 5 hour flight!
All dressed up for the Luau

Cousin Aubrey
Oh, why does it have to be so beautiful there?!?
The bride (Andrea, the husband's sis) and groom (Derek); the reason why we were in Hawaii!! Thanks guysDad and Curly at the wedding
The Hula Girl provided a great snorkeling trip

Ben (Nate's brother), Becca (Ben's wife), Me and the husband getting ready to board the Hula Girl
A cool pic by Ben
The snorkeling trip was so amazing. We swam with turtles, eels, an octopus, and oodles of cool fish.
Just before we got to Honolua Bay we spotted a HUGE pod of dolphins, including a baby who decided to show off by flipping around in the air as we sailed passed, awesome!!
Unfortunately, we didn't eat any shaved ice or get a Puka Dog so I guess we just have to go back. Oh, Hawaii, I will see you soon!

BTW, all cool pictures provided by Ben and Becca


Beck n' Ben said...

It's too bad you didn't get to the shaved ice place in Pa'ia... Aubrey got a small rainbow snow cone (it must have weighed like 32 oz.), and we got a root beer n' ice cream one. Both were amazin'....All from a ghetto little joint down the street from an excellent eatery called Milagros, where we got lunch. Oh well, next time, right?

Jill said...

Oh what a great trip! Why doesn't anyone I'm related to get married in Hawaii so I can go? Is Nicole our only hope?:)

Laney said...

All of those pictures were so great, especially that one of June all dressed up for the luau. So cute! And that snorkeling trip sounded amazing!! I am very disappointed you didn't have ANY shave ice though.

Kristi David said...

Fun times! Great pictures, I'm glad you guys had such a great time!

dana said...

That picture of June at the Luau is amazing. Adorable. The whole trip looks like fun!

RichandNetta said...

Skipping out on the shaved ice was a great plan for getting back there, very clever you two...
There is a reason they call it Paradise....
Snorkoling is the best. Except the part where you are so excited by everything you see and all you can do is be very expressive with your eyes...and point. How cool to see dolphins and turtles. What a great experience for all of you.
Yahoo for fly-girl June!!
I think Jill has a good idea...We will start working on that with Nicole.

Nicole said...

You lucky ducks.
I love the sunglasses picture... very creative.
Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

Diane said...

Those pictures are amazing! It looks like so much fun.