Thursday, September 1, 2011


Last week my gloriously wonderful husband gave me the best gift a mom could ever ask for... 5.5 days all to herself!! He voluntarily took the kids to St Louis and left me at home. I cant begin to explain how amazing it is to wake up 5 days in a row to a quiet and peaceful home and then to have the freedom to do whatever I wanted all day long. I had breakfast with my friend Kimber, lunch with Jennie, dinner and a movie with Natalie and Yuka, I went to the temple and spent the day in Santa Monica, I spent hours in the fabric district in downtown LA, watched movies in the evening stretched out on my own couch, walked around IKEA, cleaned out many closets, ate out by myself... it was truly the most relaxing time I've had in awhile. But the best part of it all was knowing my family was having a great time in St Louis and would be coming home to me at the end of their vacation.

While I was having a relaxing time here at home, they were out on a mission to conquer MO.

Here at the Magic House

at the best museum EVER, the City Museum with aunts, uncles and cousins

at Grandma and Grandpa's house
at the train museum having a BLAST with cousins

They were officially wiped out and mom was officially rejuvenated!

Thanks dad, you are no doubt the best!


Lorrie Munson said...

We so missed you but knew you needed/deserved a rest. After 5.5 days grandma and grandpa have a treasure trove of pictures and memories. (Is that a grandma word?) It took 5 adults to do what you do everyday alone. We all have a new respect for you.

kimber said...

I was thinking about you today and wondering how the rest of your vacay went. I'm glad your family made it back to you safely. So glad we got to hang out.

Diane said...

I'm glad you had such a great break!! You definitely deserve it!

jd said...

I kinda think your lunch with me should've got top billing, but whatevs.

jd said...

Hah! Kidding :). You are such a hardworking and dedicated mom-- I love that you got all that time to yourself, and I love even more that I got to be part of that time. You deserve it! (and me :) .