Friday, August 15, 2008

Baskin-Robbin tradition

Dad has very fond memories of his Dad taking him to eat ice cream at Baskin-Robbin when he was a kid. Before we even had Curly Dad talked about how excited he was to pass on that tradition. Here is Curly's first of many trips to 31 flavors heaven.

Mom chose chocolate Oreo, Curly approved.

Why not use 2 spoons, it gets the ice cream in faster!

I swear that all Dad and Curly photos are candid. I guess they were just meant to be.

Yea for ice cream.


The Higginbothams said...

That's great that Nate wants to carry on those traditions. I'm sure you'll all be right back there in a month for his free birthday cone, right? By the way, June's hair looks so cute up like that. It makes her look older too.

Natalie Petersen said...

Such a fun blog! I am a fan of 2 spoons too. one foe each hand please!

Nicole said...

Love the pictures, of course. Gilbert noticed June got another tooth -- hooray for TWO front teeth!